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SWORD stands for, "Sowing the Word Our Redeemer Delivered." As the Word of God is the Sword of the Spirit we believe that 'SWORD' is the perfect name for our ministry; for our mission is to minister the Word of God to the world. We do this by discipling Christians with the Word and by calling the unrepentant to Christ through the Word.

About SWORD Ministries

SWORD Ministries is both local and international. This wonderful mix is derived from local ministers all over the world being discipled by us. These local ministers, in turn, begin discipling those who are within their communities.

This works well with our philosophy that indigenous Christians are the best way to reach the culture around them. For example, rather than spending thousands of dollars to train and deploy an American to do missions work in Nepal, we spend far less equipping those faithful Christian ministers whose homeland is Nepal. We are not in the business of propigating 'American Christianity,' but rather 'Biblical Christianity.'

If you would like to learn more about what we believe and the doctrines that we hold to, please visit our Doctrine Standards page.

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